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Our firm has shown outstanding performance in arbitration proceedings before the most renowned national and international arbitral institutions.



Agrarian-related legal services

Abreu Sampaio has a team specialized in agribusiness law capable of providing court- and out-of-court advice with respect to diverse branches of the industry, participating in negotiations and drafting documents and contracts related to them.


Our firm represents sizable companies in civil and business matters, including the drafting and negotiation of contracts.

Business and Corporate

Abreu Sampaio advises its clients on various business and corporate issues, providing assistance in the incorporation, amalgamation, demerger, merger, acquisition and dissolution of companies, as well as in guiding clients as to the adequacy of administrative procedures aimed at preventing litigation.




Abreu Sampaio has a vast experience in Tax Law and is able to prepare an efficient Tax planning as well as the ideal Tax governance by analyzing the economic and financial situation of its clients.


With extensive experience in Cooperative Law, Abreu Sampaio provides legal advice to its clients with regards to the relationship between Cooperatives and their members.

Real Estate

In the real estate advisory area, the firm prides itself of outstanding performance in the market, providing customized contractual advice involving large and medium-sized business negotiations. Especially in this area, Abreu Sampaio is able to assist its clients in formatting, structuring and developing real estate projects in all their variables.

Our firm relies on extensive experience in formatting contracts involving real estate development projects, construction, etc.

Succession planning

Abreu Sampaio’s professionals have extensive experience and operate in virtually all branches of family law and succession.
Our lawyers advise clients on all stages of succession planning and family company organization, focusing on wealth management, etc.


Renowned professionals having specialized roles and responsibilities in the labor area are deployed by the firm, working with professional organizations and trade associations, labor and trade unions and state-run Regional Labor Offices.

They also follow up on and draft individual and collective employment agreements, addressing matters such as overtime banking, profit sharing and other related topics of interest to our clients’ companies

Furthermore, at court level, our firm displays substantial experience in representing companies and employers in Labor Audits, employees/executives termination processes, collective bargaining with unions from various industries, incentive plans, etc.

The roots of Abreu Sampaio Advocacia law firm are closely linked to business and civil litigation. Its history of over 30 years of practice is renowned in the legal and business environment for having always relied on highly competent and qualified professionals in all areas and branches of law.

As regards civil and business litigation, Abreu Sampaio Advocacia provides a highly specialized and differentiated service involving commercial, banking, tax, corporate, administrative, civil, labor, regulatory and infrastructure disputes, among others, representing both domestic and foreign clients.

Abreu Sampaio takes great pride in its consistently high success rates over the years on issues in connection with Environmental and Construction Law, Consumer Relations, Cooperative, Business and Corporate Law, Family and Probate Law, Real Estate, Regulatory and Labor Law.

Business and Corporate 

A highly personalized and creative service has allowed Abreu Sampaio professionals to resolve various corporate and business issues quickly and efficiently.



The firm acts in judicial and administrative cases involving Tax law for both private individuals and legal entities.


In disputes involving diverse branches of Civil Law, Abreu Sampaio law firm has consistently positive results, mainly due to its lawyers’ high degree of specialization.

Consumer Relations 


Abreu Sampaio’s law practitioners have successfully handled various judicial- and administrative-level matters involving consumer relations.

Cooperative Law 


Since its establishment, Abreu Sampaio has acted in major cases involving this very specific branch of Law.



Abreu Sampaio Advocacia handles high-profile cases in the environmental law area.

Family and Succession 


Abreu Sampaio’s excellence is also highlighted when providing solutions focused on issues involving family law and succession. Premised on over 30 years’ experience in this area, Abreu Sampaio professionals have represented and handled cases of clients in various types of litigation, as well as in legal transactions involving marriage dissolution, formatting and dissolution of civil unions, probate processes and deeds of partition/distribution, etc..



The firm has considerable experience in labor litigation, defending the interests of large domestic and foreign companies, service providers and farmers.

Real Estate 


Abreu Sampaio has also applied its expertise to this area, with significant and recognized performance in lawsuits associated with real estate law involving the interests of large local and international companies engaged in the construction and property development industries.



Abreu Sampaio has frequently advised a number of clients in several areas involving the regulatory power of the State, with special emphasis on regulated market players.


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